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Our Family Wizard

Helping Divorced and Separated Families communicate

The OurFamilyWizard website and mobile applications provide a neutral space for parent communication to help you manage the challenges of shared parenting with a former spouse or partner.

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Divorce Recovery Workshop

A Seminar for divorced and separated persons of all ages

Last year, approximately 25,000 people in Orange County experienced the dissolution of marriage. The failure rate for first marriage is about 50%, while 65% of second marriages end in divorce. This workshop, offered semi-annually, is a model for divorce recovery programs all over the world, and it designed for people facing the finality of divorce rather than the possibility of reconciliation.

Workshop Speaker: Dr. John Fry

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When you commit to a cooperative mindset, choose a sensible dispute resolution model and assemble a team of divorce professionals to guide you through the process, you and your spouse will be empowered to make wise decisions regarding the termination of your marriage.

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