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Finding a good divorce attorney is important; however, before you simply hire an attorney to handle your divorce, you should take the time to select the right dispute resolution process for you and your family. Couples and families who are facing divorce benefit most when they avoid litigation, stay out of court and adopt a cooperative approach for resolving their family law dispute.

Divorce Mediation

The husband and wife jointly retain a neutral Divorce Mediator to guide them through the divorce process using a problem solving method of dispute...

Collaborative Divorce

A cooperative process that uses a team of professionals including Collaborative Attorneys, Divorce Coaches,Certified, Divorce Financial Analysts....

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are often used by the wealthy in order to protect assets, but are becoming more prominent among more modest couples as they may clarify financial rights and avoid potential future arguments in case of divorce. Call us for more details.

Post Divorce Services

Breer Law Offices will provide you a complimentary post-divorce checklist and assist you with:

* Real Estate Title Transfers
* Execute New Will, Trust & Powers of Attorney
* Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)

When you choose mediation for handling your divorce, you will achieve more for your family.
You control the outcome of your divorce, not a judge.
Discover how you can keep your family out of court, make better decisions and have fewer regrets.

Breer Law Offices has successfully mediated hundreds of divorce cases.

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Breer Law Offices is pleased to offer mediation and collaborative divorce programs designed to keep marital conflict out of court, meet the needs of children, and reduce the emotional and financial stress that accompanies litigated divorce.

Our consensual dispute resolution methods and cooperative processes allow clients to make their own decisions, manage conflict, reduce costs and provide a safe environment for decision making. 

We offer a holistic, cooperative, systematic approach with mediation and its problem solving model at the center of the decision making process. Our goal is to save you the high financial and emotional costs of an adversarial divorce so you can secure a bright future for you and your family.

Our mission is to create opportunities for positive change and to help families successfully reorganize and transition through the divorce process. Divorce does not have to happen on a battlefield were children become casualties and your finances are decimated.  

Services include: Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Co-Mediation, Team Mediation, Parenting Plans and Co-Parenting Agreements, Custody, Consulting Attorney Services, Divorce Coaching, Premarital Agreements, Post Marital Agreements, Domestic Partnerships, Family Law, Divorce Recovery Resources, Modification of Orders, Spousal and Child Support, Marital Settlement Agreements, Property Settlements, Consensual Dispute Resolution.


  • "Thanks so much for your services and expertise. Using mediation was an excellent choice for us. I am delighted we came out of this as friends. I think your services played a huge role in that. Thank you!" - Jeremy P.

    "Thanks so much for your services and expertise. Using mediation was an excellent choice for us. I am delighted we came out of this as friends. I think your services played a huge role in that. Thank you!" - Jeremy P.

When you commit to a cooperative mindset, choose a sensible dispute resolution model and assemble a team of divorce professionals to guide you through the process, you and your spouse will be empowered to make wise decisions regarding the termination of your marriage.

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Secure a bright future for your family.

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