Divorce Mediation

Couples who select our Divorce Mediation Programs jointly retain a neutral Divorce Mediator to guide them through the divorce process using a problem solving method of dispute resolution.

The Divorce Mediator facilitates communication between the parties concerning the division of the marital assets and debts, the payment of financial support, and for sharing parenting responsibilities . No court appearances are required and the parties control the decision making process. When the parties work together cooperatively they avoid the high costs of litigation attorneys and expensive court hearings.

The goal is to let the two people who know most about their marriage make the decisions regarding its termination. Who better to decide where the children will live then their parents? Who better to decide how to divide debts and obligations then the parties who incurred them?

All flat fee mediation programs include the following:

  • 3-5 Mediation Sessions with a professional mediator.

  • Preparation and filing of all the paperwork necessary to initiate and complete the divorce process.

  • Drafting of Settlement Agreement and Judgment.

  • Access to a team of divorce professionals who provide emotional, financial and parenting support.

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