"Thanks so much for your services and expertise. Using mediation was an excellent choice for us. I am delighted we came out of this as friends. I think your services played a huge role in that. Thank you!" - Jeremy P.

"Many thanks for the prompt, on point, concise treasure trove of legal information you gave my son Kevin regarding his belligerent room-mate who declared he would not move out until physically forced to do so. Many thanks to Becky for recommending contacting you. Bull’s eye Becky." - Jack G.

"A feeling of profound gratitude came over me when I thought about how helpful you have been. Thank you so much for being as diligent and concerned about helping our family. It is clear to me that you have a genuine interest in helping families and I am sure as time goes by your will have lots of opportunities to do that. Thanks so much." - Doug L.

"Ms. Breer did an outstanding job of helping me and my spouse evaluate issues and enabled us to reach a fair and reasonable resolution. I always felt like Ms. Breer was more than just an independent third party she was like a partner in the process who actually cared about helping us reach an agreement and always wanted us to keep our focus on how our decision making and behavior would impact our child." - Linda S.

"I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for what you’ve done. I appreciate your professionalism and experience as a mediator. I have passed on your contact information to others and told them that you are very good at what you do and I highly recommend your services." - Diane R.

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